In addition to introducing the microscope to dentistry, TDO founder Dr. Gary Carr also is responsible for inventing the ultrasonic root end preparation technique used by today’s endodontists. eie2 is your trusted supplier of the innovative ultrasonic tips, microscopic mirrors, dental instruments, camera adapters, and other state-of-the-art products developed by Dr. Carr as a natural compliment to Microscopic Endodontics.

A dramatic improvement over earlier tip designs, eie2 ultrasonic tips are indispensable to every endodontist today. Practically unbreakable and amazingly durable, these tips can be bent in almost any configuration, eliminating the need for continual replacements. eie2 tips will save you thousands a year in increased efficiency, and come in a range of styles to suit your specific needs.

EIE2 also sells unique microsurgical documentation mirrors developed by Dr. Carr for photographing through the microscope. eie2 mirrors reflect 99.95% of visible light, nearly 30% more than a traditional Rhodium coated mirror. The superior clarity that results is also due to the fact their flatness is recorded at _ wavelength of light—an unbelievable flatness of surface usually only seen with astronomical mirrors.

For more information about EIE2 products and services, please visit www.eie2.com.

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