Using TDO on a Mac

TDO® must run on the Windows operating system. There are 2 options to have Windows configured on a Mac computer:


apple-bootcamp-logoThe BootCamp installation will partition the Mac computer disk in 2 partitions. The user will be able to either boot from the Mac OS or Windows OS. The user can not have both running at the same time. The user needs to choose what OS the computer will use during startup.


  • Performance – Windows will run accessing the hardware directly


  • You cannot have a Mac Application running simultaneously with a Windows application


  • For users that don’t want to use the Mac OS, but only want to use the Apple computers with Windows

VMWare Fusion

vmware-logo2VMWare Fusion is software that you install on the Mac OS that allows you to run Windows within the Mac OS. The user installs the VM Ware Fusion software and specifies how much memory, hard drive space, and peripherals will be available for the Virtual Machine that will be installed on the Mac.


  • User can run different applications from different platforms simultaneously


  • Performance – The performance is reasonable, but not as fast as BootCamp
  • The installation will require some technical understanding on the user’s part


  • For users that want to run Mac OS applications and Windows applications at the same time

Click here to view a demo of VMWare Fusion.

*Please be advised that the TDO Software team does not provide technical support for Bootcamp or VM Ware Fusion. This information should be used for reference purposes only, and TDO Software will not be responsible for the use of these products.