Additional CE Lectures

TDO User Meeting & Scientific Session

Fall 2018

Presenter: Pushpak Narayana, BDS, MDS
Lady Lake, FL


Image guided treatment: Planning endodontics with precision

Endodontic access is an integral step in endodontic therapy and plays a major role in the Endodontic-Endo-Restorative-Prosthodontic (EERP) continuum. The paradigm shift towards conservation of tooth structure and minimally invasive procedures among quality oriented restorative dentists has piqued interest within the endodontic community. This case based presentation will review the nuts and bolts of directed dentin conservation utilizing image guided treatment planning and execution. Presentation will also give an insight into the different methods and challenges during the continued learning process.


Review the planning process and precise intervention. – Review cases treated in the presenter’s private practice.

Expect to Learn:

  • Understand the different options available in image guided endodontic treatment.
  • Understand the advantages and challenges with implementing image guided endodontic treatment.

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Presenter: Eric Coryell, BS – Economics
Brookfield, WI


Attracting, Motivating, and Retaining Employees in Today’s Workforce

The workforce is changing. Within seven years a whopping 75% of our labor pool will be made of Gen Y’s (Millennials). With all changes in demographics, technology and world events, employers must adapt if they are going to find, engage and keep the best employees. Building on what he shared with us two and three years ago and the wonderful insights provided by Eve Groznitzky last year, Eric Coryell will refresh those learnings and then talk about how you must make changes to adapt and benefit from the demographic shift that is upon us.


Help you understand how you can use the principles of teams and a growth mindset to cultivate and build an engaged work staff. Know what changes you can make to your mindset and processes to embrace genuine integration of the learning and leadership styles of Baby Boomers, Gen Xs and Gen Ys to bolster your success and resilience in the changing world of work.

Expect to Learn:

  • Review the key points on how to build a functional and accountable office team
  • How to build trust on your team so your staff engages and expresses their true thoughts and feelings
  • Cultivate a growth mindset amongst your employees
  • Understand the generational changes that are taking place and the implications from an employers perspective
  • How to appreciate the perspectives and unique value each generation brings to work and how to create a work environment that bring out the best from each generation
  • How to get the generations to function well together
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Presenter: Winston Chee


Zirconia – why are they being used for restorations? What are outcomes?

Short description of the biomechanical and optical properties of Zr that make it a commonly used material for restoration of teeth and implants.


Discuss current trends in restorative dentistry and how restorations are fabricated and the processes that allow restorations to be formed with machining, printing, laser melting, these processes allow us to utilize materials that have better physical properties than many of the materials formed with conventional processes.

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Presenter: Zachary Freer
Chula Vista, CA


Evolving Tools for Visualization, Record Keeping, and Treatment


An introduction to the utilization of a 3D camera microscope system for assessing, treating, recording, and presenting endodontic cases.


Introduce the setup and features for 3D camera microscope system explore benefits and limitations of camera utilization show how ergonomics and visualization can be improved for surgical and non-surgical cases understand how enhanced record keeping can support case presentation and patient/referral education

Expect to Learn:

How the 3D camera microscope is similar to/different from traditional optical microscope to seamlessly record and display images and video from the 3D camera the continued importance of assistant training and ergonomics best practices under the 3D camera microscope

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Presenter: Rick Schwartz, DDS
San Antonio, TX


Topic:Lessons Learned, Good and Bad, over 20 Years of Endodontic Practice

Private practice involves trial and error and is a learning process. There are many sources of information to help you along the way, some helpful and some harmful. This presentation will focus on the early years of practice, to help residents and young endodontists navigate the “learning curve.” Although the practice environment has changed greatly in the past 20 years, there are certain principles that are still useful in most practice environments.


  • Discuss associateships from both perspectives, and why most of them fail
  • Discuss goals for the first 10 years
  • Discuss how confidence and trust are the keys to a referral practice

Discuss how your career is all about your practice culture

Expect to Learn:

Dr. Schwartz will discuss his successes and failures over the past 20 years, with the hope it will be useful to the next generation of endodontists.

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GentleWave Lectures

Presenter: Jason Michel, DDS
Texarkana, TX


GentleWave Case Review
A review of cases in which the GentleWave System was used.

To help give TDOers an opportunity to assess the GentleWave and the cases that it was used on.

Expect to Learn:
A user’s perspective and insight into the GentleWave system that might aid them in deciding if this technology would be useful in their practice of Endodontics.

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Presenter: James Smith, DMD and Certificate in Endodontics
Birmingham, AL


GentleWave Clinical Cases with follow up
Endo cases that highlight the capabilities of the Sonendo GentleWave System.

Contrast the differences between and advantage of endo cases performed with the GentleWave procedure vs. traditional endodontic protocol.

Expect to Learn:
The GentleWave System appears to be an improvement over traditional multi-step endodontic treatment.

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Presenter: Adam Davis, DDS, MSD
Mount Juliet, TN


GentleWave 1 Year In
Case review after using GentleWave for 1 year.

Cases where the GentleWave made the difference

Expect to Learn:
What we have seen in 1 year going from a strict 2 visit (or more) model to 1 visit with GentleWave cases

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Presenter: Paul Carruth, DDS and Certificate in Endodontics
Charlotte, NC


GentleWave Case Presentation
GentleWave is a novel technology for the disinfection of the root canal system. This preentation will be exhibiting private practice clinical cases that have been treated utilizing this technology.

To provide “real life” cases treated by GentleWave for the contemplation of its implementation and effectiveness as a mainstream endodontic treatment modality.

Expect to Learn:
What it is like to use GentleWave in private practice and what the short term outcomes seem to indicate for patients, a private practice, and the future of our specialty.

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