TDO User Meeting & Scientific Session

Fall 2010

Cone Beam Imaging and Endodontics

This all-day course will train you how to read CBCT volumes as an endodontist. Endodontic manipulation of CBCT volumes involves a more sophisticated use of the viewing software than is typically used in implant dentistry or in oral surgery.

Attendees will receive instruction in the CBCT user interface for the Kodak 9000 and Morita Veraviewepocs CBCT units.

Using a Case History approach as well as material from the Pacific Endodontic Research Foundation Cadaver Study, all attendees will learn a disciplined protocol for reviewing the scans, presenting them to patients and referral doctors, and integrating them into the database. An in-depth discussion of cone beam artifacts will be followed by correlation with the actual histology from the PERF study.

All attendees will learn a standardized method for reviewing the scans contemporaneously with the patient and how to place appropriate screen shots in the patient record for powerful referral reports. Following the review of CBCT artifacts and histological analysis, selected Case Reviews of actual patients will be presented by TDO’ers so the attendee will gain experience in viewing a wide variety of cases by different clinicians.

About The Presenters

The course will cover:

  • Complete explanation of the user-interface for each specific device
  • An in-depth guide for how to manipulate and interpret the scans as an endodontist
  • A comprehensive review of CBCT artifacts and how to recognize them
  • The role of CBCT scans in: resorption, diagnosis, complex anatomy, retreatment, surgery, and implants
  • A realistic financial assessment and return on investment calculation
  • The physical space requirements for a CBCT unit
  • Some Do’s and Don’ts of CBCT technology
  • An understanding of the learning curve in utilizing the technology

At the end of the presentation the attendee will know:

  • How to perform a detailed and sophisticated endodontic read of CBCT volumes
  • Understand the user-interface of two CBCT units
  • Recognize its value in a variety of endodontic cases specific to specialists
  • Understand the financial model and ROI of CBCT units
  • Be able to distinguish the different variables in both commercial units and make educated assessments of their relative importance

Clinicians presenting cases:

  • Dr. David Bensoussan
  • Dr. Gary Carr
  • Dr. Roberto Cristescu
  • Dr. Glen Doyon
  • Dr. Peter Endo
  • Dr. John Jaber
  • Dr. Rob Kaufmann
  • Dr. John Khademi
  • Dr. Tom McClammy
  • Dr. Roy Nesari
  • Dr. Wes Rampton
  • Dr. Rick Schwartz
  • Dr. Andrew Shur
  • Dr. Randolph Todd

Meeting Outline

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