TDO User Meeting & Scientific Session

Fall 2015

This Scientific Session will consist of 15 min summaries by 4 leading endodontists summarizing their understanding of our disease model and how that model helps explain (or doesn’t explain) our endodontic outcomes.

The remaining Session will be an in-depth evaluation of the credibility of our disease model as well as a critical review of how coherent our outcomes data is. The Scientific Session will challenge every endodontist to think through both our model and our outcomes in a way rarely seen in the endodontic literature.

Presenter: David Figdor, BDSc, LDS, MDSc, FRACDS, Dip Endo, FPFA, PhD
Melbourne, Australia

Our Disease Model — What We Know & What We Have Yet to Learn

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Presenter: Gary B. Carr, D.D.S.
San Diego, CA

Why I don’t believe in our Disease Model: Why the evidence is not persuasive

Presenter: Martin Trope, D.M.D.
Philadelphia, PA

Understanding Endodontic Outcomes: The evidence is strong

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Presenter: John A. Khademi, D.D.S., M.S.
Durango, CO

Understanding Endodontic Outcomes: The evidence is weak

Presenter: Roger J. Lewis, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center

How to think about endodontic outcomes evidence

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Presenter: Sander Greenland, Dr.P.H.
Professor of Epidemiology and Statistics at the University of California, Los Angeles

An epidemiologist looks at our disease model from a critical perspective

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Meeting Outline

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