TDO User Meeting & Scientific Session

Fall 2016

Herodontics in the Age of Implants

Presenter: Winston Chee, DDS, FACP
Glendale, CA


Decisions for Damaged Dentition

  • This presentation outlines the decision making process for the fate of a damaged tooth in the context of overall treatment planning taking into account risk benefit and cost benefit of treatment choices.
  • At the end of this presentation participants should have a broadened perspective of treatment choices when confronted with a damaged tooth.
  • Expect to learn about factors to consider when making treatment decisions.


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Presenter: Richard Schwartz, D.D.S.
San Antonio, TX


An Endodontist’s Perspective on Herodontics in the Age of Implants

  • Endodontists work closely with restorative dentists and other specialists, and tend to have the same basic goals for patient treatment: comfort, function and esthetics. They sometimes have differing views on the best ways to achieve those goals, however. Dr. Schwartz has lectured for many years to a variety of dental groups, and has observed some universal “truths”, and some trends. He will give his impression of what matters to the “good dentists” out there, where endodontics fits into dentistry, and the best path forward for endodontists.
  • After the presentation attendees should:
    • Understand some of the trends in dentistry and how they affect endodontics
    • Understand what matters to the higher lever restorative dentists
    • Understand how to position yourself for the future

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Presenter: Gary B. Carr, D.D.S.
San Diego, CA


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Presenter: Keith Kanter, D.D.S.
Orlando, FL


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Presenter: John Khademi, D.D.S., M.S.
Durango, CO


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Presenter: Charles Maupin, D.D.S.
Lubbock, TX


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