Pre-Convention Lectures

Pre-Convention Lectures

This year, we have two pre-convention courses available on Wednesday, October 3, 2018 for people who can come early.

Our Wednesday AM lecture will feature Dr. Eric Rindler and his topic will be “The 7S Framework: A Tool to Help Position Your Practice for its Best Future.” There is room for 30 attendees and the signup and description for it is on the Web page listed below.

There will be no CE credit for this lecture but by all accounts, it will be an outstanding course, from an incredible clinician and teacher.

In the afternoon on Wed, we will have a pre-convention lecture given by Dr. Gerd Gigerenzer, the speaker for the all day Scientific Session on Thurs. This Wednesday afternoon course will be a limited attendance (10-12 clinicians) specifically designed for speakers on inference, clinical decision making, and statistics.

Again, you may sign up on the Web site.There will be a private dinner with Dr. Gigerenzer after the lecture.