Meeting Registration

The cost of the seminar will be $1645 per doctor using TDO Software and $745 per spouse/staff member if you register on or before July 13, 2018. After July 13, the cost will be $1745 per doctor and the fee will remain the same for spouse/staff. If you are a guest considering purchasing TDO Software or live 6,000 miles or more outside of San Diego, the registration fee will be $750 or $450 for Saturday only. If you are a postgraduate resident, the registration fee will be $325 or $180 for Saturday only. If you are a new TDO Software user (purchased TDO Software after the last meeting in October) you will receive a 50% discount for all doctors attending as well as for up to two staff members. If you are a retired TDO doctor that has attended 5 meetings in the past, you can attend at no charge. (Applicable discounts, if any, will be issued by TDO Software).


  • If you are a guest interested in attending the Thursday Scientific Session only, the charge will be $450.
  • Only doctors registered for the Scientific Session, their spouses and vendors are invited to the Thursday Scientific Session dinner. If you would like to attend, please make sure to select “Attending Thursday Dinner.”
  • The option for Attending All Meals Only is for staff members that will not attend training sessions, but will partake in the meals provided for breakfast and lunch. The cost for this is $325.
  • Friday Reception Dinner adult plate cost is $140 for attendees not registered for training sessions.
  • Retired TDO doctors that have attended 5 meetings in the past are now able to attend at no charge.

Cancellation deadline is August 27. If you cancel after August 27, your registration fee is non-refundable.