Endodontic Software Choices

How do you choose endodontic software for your practice?

The team at TDO Software comes into contact with hundreds if not thousands of endodontists and endodontic staff on a yearly basis. In doing so we have met people who manage their endodontic practice in many different unique configurations: some still use paper charts, others use a hybrid system of software to accomplish certain charts and paper for the rest, and some use endodontic software to make their office paperless and bring their practice up to date technologically.

In order to make sure that endodontists have the best information related to endodontic software, as well as to provide respect to our competitors, here is a list of the best endodontic software options aside from TDO Software:


Who are the major players?

PBS Endo was started in the late 80’s by a husband and wife team in Cedar Park, Texas.  Although PBS Endo is a smaller company, they have done a great job in attracting and enrolling about 1/3 of the endodontic market. Doctors that have moved from PBS Endo to TDO have advised us one of the main reasons was to have a more robust clinical module and truly integrated imaging, digital radiography, and more streamlined and efficient reporting. If online patient registration is not important to you, or if integrated imaging is not important to you, PBS might be a good option for you. Of the 3 main endodontic softwares, PBS Endo is the least expensive.

Endovision was started by Bruce Lieberthal, a general dentist, in the Boston area in 1998.  He sold it to Discus Dental and they incorporated it into their General Practice management software. It was then purchased by Henry Schein in 2007. Henry Schein is a large American corporation that is publicly traded with a revenue over $8 billion annually. Their market has historically been large, multi-location, corporate type, financially-driven, dental practices. They bring a more corporate perspective to management software. Endovision was endorsed as a software vendor by the AAE but that endorsement was rescinded for cause in 2002. For a copy of this letter, please contact us. Endovision can be either more expensive, or less expensive, than TDO depending on which modules of Endovision you purchase.


Less Widely Used “Simple Option” for endodontics

There are a handful of endodontists that use software designed for general dentistry and not specifically for endodontics eg. Dentrix, XLDent. While this is certainly an option, particularly if you are just getting your practice transitioned over to using a practice management software, we would advise against it. The chances of a general dentistry software being able to provide your practice with the level of depth needed for endodontics is slim.








What do I consider when searching for the right software?

  • Can the software do all that you need
  • Are there web based services for patient convenience
  • Will you be totally paperless
  • Are the financials and Insurance claims simple or complex
  • How are you supported
  • What happens when a new version is released
  • Cost vs Return on investment
  • Will It Work With Your Current Configuration
  • Will It Help You Increase Business
  • Will It Save You Time
  • Will It Help You as a Clinician

Good endodontic software will not increase the abilities that you have trained many years to achieve, but great endodontic software will make your job as a clinician easier and provide emphasis to your existing skillset. Here is a video showing the clinical charting – Clinical Charting

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