Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We believe that endodontists today have less time and are under more pressure than ever before.

We believe that the endodontics specialty is widely misunderstood, and that part of our job is educating people about what we do.

We believe that treating the whole patient rather than a single tooth results in better outcomes for both our patients and ourselves.

We believe that patients are willing to pay more for exceptional care, and that includes educating our patients so that they can make informed decisions.

We believe that young clinicians are the future of our specialty and that it is our responsibility to mentor them and help them establish quality-focused practices.

We believe that endodontists today want and need a community where they can learn from each other, grow and be inspired.

We believe that satisfied patients and referral sources are the best way to build a practice, and that referral loyalty is the natural result of providing exceptional care.

We believe that by working together we can raise the bar in our profession, improve our patients’ quality of life, and become better endodontists in the process.

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