Digital Imaging

TDO® Endodontic Software Is Fully Cone-beam Integrated

Turns out there’s a correlation between quality of care and quality of life. TDO software is now seamlessly integrated with J. Morita, Carestream, and PreXion CBCT units, and both endodontists and patients alike couldn’t be more pleased. For patients, our CBCT integration means being able to review scans chairside in the comfort of your office. For you, it means scans are saved to each patient’s chart, and a comprehensive TDO ® CBCT report is generated within just three minutes—a function no other software provides. Find out how TDO Software can save you time, money, and most importantly, headaches. Switch to the only endodontic software that is truly CBCT integrated—TDO Software.

Digital Radiography

TDO Software provides a seamless integration with the following digital radiography sensors: Carestream (formerly Kodak) RVG and XDR. In addition, if the digital radiography manufacturer provides a TWAIN driver, then TDO Software will be able to acquire the radiographs. Schick, Gendex, Digora Optime, Sirona, ScanX and E2V currently provide this TWAIN driver option, which allows you to capture digital radiographs directly into TDO Software without using a third party software. For any questions on your digital sensor, please contact us to find out more.

Clinical Photography

TDO Software is also seamlessly integrated to any Canon digital camera that is compatible with Breeze Systems Software. This seamless integration allows you to save digital photographs with just one-click of the mouse. These images can be saved directly into the patient record and/or the Lecture/Library area of the program. For clients not using Breeze Systems Software or a Canon digital camera, you may still save your digital photographs in the software; however, Breeze is the preferred method.

Hi-Definition Video Capture

TDO Software supports hi-definition video cameras that come with a TWAIN driver. The TWAIN integration allows you to save your clinical videos directly into TDO Software. You can easily save the videos directly into the patient record and then play them chairside or from any computer in your office.

Dental Microscopy

Our company advocates the use of the surgical operating microscope for all endodontic procedures. The proper use of SOM during all phases of treatment, in conjunction with TDO software facilitates improved ergonomics, efficiency, and the overall quality of patient care within the specialty.

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