TDO Professional Full License Purchase

Payment Options

  1. Full payment of the total amount of $19,500.00
  2. Financing with a down payment of $7500 and 5% interest 24 monthly payment of $526.46
  • Yearly Technical Support Fee: $1850
  • Lexicomp Drugs Database Subscription: Annual charge $300 per doctor
TDO Professional SaaS Licensing
(Technical Support Included)

Payment Options

Setup Fee: $2,450.00 (includes $300 Lexicomp Subscription listed below)
Monthly $399.00 after the start date
  • Yearly Technical Support Fee: Included
  • Lexicomp Drugs Database Subscription: Annual charge $300 per doctor (due at the time of downpayment)
Prices above are for practices with up to 2 doctors and 1 physical location. Please call our Sales for additional information on practices with more than 2 doctors or multiple locations.
Additional Services
TDO Cloud Services
  • Setup fee: $250
  • Monthly fee $199.00 billed quarterly ($597 per quarter) per office location
  • Web Template Upgrades
    • Premier / WordPress Templates – $2500 one time fee
TDO Mobile
  • Monthly fee: $50 per 4 user accounts
 License Transfer Information
In the event that you wish you to transfer your TDO Professional license due to the sale of your practice or a dissolution of partnership, please view the following article for more information.
Note: A $1000 license transfer fee is required in order for any transfer to take place.
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