The Digital Office®: A Modular System Designed Specifically for the Modern Day Endodontist

We are a working endodontic office using all of our own products daily. Because of this, we are continually revising our software to keep pace with the changing needs of both our office and our users. Unlike other software companies, we only do endodontics, so our products are specialized providing better solutions for the specialty.

We guarantee that our software will make you a better clinician and help your office run more efficiently. TDO® is the complete practice management system for endodontists.

Ready to switch to TDO Software? We’re here to help!

TDO® Practice Management Software

Anyone can convert a paper form into a digital form. What makes our software unique is that it was designed and functions the way an endodontist actually works. TDO® is the only endodontic practice management software that is ergonomically designed.

TDO® Cloud

Impress new patients before they even set foot in your office with in-home web registration. TDO® Cloud also strengthens your relationships with referring dentists by making patient information available as soon as you finish a case.

TDO® Mobile

Don’t let work pile up when you’re away from the office. TDO® Mobile allows you to connect to your office anywhere, anytime through a smart phone or tablet. It’s like carrying TDO Software around in your pocket.


Get Involved In The Community — TDO® Chat

When you join TDO® you also gain access to the very popular TDO® Chat: a free online forum where endodontists advise each other on everything from what tips to use to proper ergonomic design.



At every step of the way, TDO Software walks the user through
all possible diagnosis and treatment options. TDO Software
is a totally integrated, systematic way of working that
ensures that you don’t miss a single step in the care of a patient.