Meet A TDOer

Meet A TDOer

Dr. Chad Fulmer
TDO User since 2005
Conway, AR

Where is your practice located and why did you select this area?

I practice in Conway, Arkansas. I was born and raised in Conway. I knew a lot of the dentists already and my brother is a general dentist here as well. Conway has been growing for the past 10 years and there was a need for a full-time endodontist.

Where and when did you receive your training?

I graduated from the University of Tennessee dental school in 2000. After graduation I spent 3 years in the US Air Force, the first of which was spent at Scott AFB completing a one year AEGD residency. I graduated from the Louisiana State University endodontics program in 2005.

How many operatories and doctors practice at your location(s)?

2 operatories and 1 doctor.

What is your favorite aspect of endodontics?

In dental school, I loved the technological aspect of endodontics. There were many advances at the time such as rotary instrumentation, electronic apex locators and digital radiography. But I would say it’s the mental aspect that appealed to me the most because endodontics was so engaging and exciting.

What inspired you to become an endodontist?

I wanted to focus on the area of dentistry that I liked the most.

What advice would you give to a person considering TDO?

Trust me when I say ‘There is NO comparison.’ TDO is the only choice if you want an office centered around excellence.

What type of microscope do you use and why?

Zeiss Pro Ergo because it has spectacular optics and is very ergonomic.

Have you used any other dental software?

Fortunately I have not.

Which radiography system do you currently use?


Do you currently subscribe to any TDO service?

Yes, TDO Web.

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