Why TDO?

Why is everyone switching to TDO?

  • TDO is the only practice management software that seamlessly integrates Lexicomp, 3D Tooth Atlas, digital radiography, QuickBooks, Word and many other important applications all into one program.
  • TDO’s technical support has the highest user rating in our specialty
  • TDO will transform your practice by improving the patient experience, strengthening your relationships with referring doctors, helping your staff work efficiently, and making you a better endodontist.

But don’t take our word for it! We encourage you to talk to our users. Contact us and we’ll put you in touch with a TDO user in your area.


Here Is What Our Users Have to Say about TDO

TDO Connects You With Other Endodontists

Access hundreds of clinical cases each week through TDO Clinical, TDO Chat and other online forums. TDO makes it easy to stay current with clinical technology, get questions answered, or share your knowledge with other clinicians. Join hundreds of clinicians, staff members, guests and exhibitors to receive TDO training and learn about a wide range of topics at our annual TDO User Group Meeting.

TDO Makes You a More Complete Clinician

TDO walks you through all diagnosis and treatment options so that you don’t miss a step. Our “whole patient” philosophy helps you catch big problems early, resulting in better patient care. Satisfied patients and referring doctors leads to more referrals.

TDO Builds Better Relationships with Referring Doctors

When you subscribe to TDO Web or TDO Mobile, referring doctors are able to check the status of any patient online, including all patient radiographs and photographs as well as appointment status and prescribed medications. Clinical recordkeeping allows you to make and send reports back to the referring doctor within just a few minutes of finishing with a patient.

TDO Creates a Better Patient Experience

TDO makes an immediate visual impression on patients by getting rid of file cabinets and paper clutter. No more lost paper files or misplaced radiographs. Patients can register and complete their medical and pain history in the privacy and comfort of their own home. They can check appointments and billing status and review office policies and consent forms all online. The TDO Draw Page and Image Organizer help patients visualize exactly what will happen during their treatment giving them a comprehensive understanding of what their therapy will entail.

TDO Is a More Efficient Way to Work

TDO automatically merges all clinical entries from the digital record including images, saving you countless hours of generating reports. With one click you are able to print, fax or email your report. With TDO Web, patient registration is no longer stressful or time consuming for either patients or staff. No paperwork means staff members do not have to try and decipher a patient’s handwriting. Patients walk in the front door and need only one minute to digitally sign their registration information. TDO allows you and your staff to make changes on the same patient record at the same time. Everyone in the office can see all changes in real-time.

TDO Protects Your Professional Liability

The gold standard in clinical documentation, there simply is no better protection in court than TDO.

Ready to switch to TDO? We’re here to help!