TDO Integrations


TDO Software is proud to offer a number of integrations that will help expand and grow your endodontic practice.

XDR Radiology

The Patented XDR Radiology Anatomic Sensor – Uniquely designed by dentists, its maximized mesial imaging area helps you capture canine-premolar contacts. Its rounded and beveled corners broaden the contact zone for increased patient comfort. Its white face eases intraoral visibility,
and the sleek button on its immersible shell is easier to clean, and even cold sterilize. In synergy with the TDO/XDR Software Adaptor, you’ll see both the tip of your #6 Endo file and the PDL continuity.
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Carestream Dental

Discover how accommodating technology can be with the RVG 6200—Carestream Dental’s latest innovation in digital intraoral sensors. With a simplified workflow designed to work for you (not the other way around), the RVG 6200 features straightforward installation and integrates easily with most imaging and dental practice management software.
Excellent True Image Resolution ensures a solid foundation on which to base your diagnosis.
Combining images that offer high definition image resolution with a user-friendly software interface, the RVG 6200 makes sophisticated imagery simple.

Carestream Dental

While these are the only sensors that integrate with TDO, there are a number of sensors that can be used quite effectively in TDO using other methods. For more information, please check the following article: X-Ray and 3D Images setup in TDO

Carestream Dental

High resolution, low radiation
By using cone beam CT technology, the CS 8100 3D produces a significantly lower radiation dose than the average CT system—making it a safe choice for patients. In addition, the unit’s four selectable fields of view and fast scanning mode confine radiation to the area of interest and reduce length of exposure for further safety. At the same time, the system delivers ultra-high resolution images at 75μm to ensure you have all the details you need to make an accurate and confident diagnosis—particularly for endodontic procedures.

Carestream Dental

J. Morita

Veraviewepocs ® 3D R100 / F40
3D, Panoramic & Cephalometric X-Ray
Veraviewepocs ® 3D R100 offers a groundbreaking 3D Reuleaux full arch field of view which
closely matches the shape of the natural dental arch. It reduces dose by excluding areas
outside the region of interest and allows a complete scan of the maxilla and/or the mandible. As
with all Morita units, the Veraviewepocs models offer exceptional clarity and diagnostic
 Reveals bone structure, resorption, apical lesions, root fractures and more
 R100 model offers six 3D fields of view; F40 model offers two 3D fields of view
 Four options for easy and accurate 3D positioning
 Panoramic scout features automatic c-arm repositioning, especially helpful for targeting
focused fields of view
 Improved patient safety with Dose Reduction Mode
 New panoramic focal plane adjustment and partial pan/ceph image functions
 TDO Software integration with 1-click interface
 3-year warranty including remote software support

J. Morita


PreXion has over 15 years experience with DICOM image processing and software visualization.  PreXion has improved the reliability and quality of all CBCT core technologies including the X-Ray Tube and the Flat Panel Detector (FPD) for both CT and Cephalometric. All done in-house, PreXion is supplying superior quality products from our state of art factory in Japan with excellence in quality assurance, production, and manufacturing flexibility.  The result is enhanced clarity with lower radiation.


The GentleWave® System offers a minimally invasive 1,2 alternative to standard root canal treatment, employing patented Multisonic Ultracleaning® technology to deliver fluids throughout the entire root canal system. 1 The powerful combination of fluid dynamics and
broad spectrum acoustic technology 2 enables the GentleWave Procedure to reach into the deepest, most complex portions of the root canal system 1,2 to remove tissue, debris and bacteria. 2 The result is a more thorough, more effective cleaning that potentially helps reduce
the need for retreatments over time. 3 The GentleWave Procedure also helps preserve the integrity and functionality of the tooth by leaving more of the dentin structure intact, 3 and can typically be completed in just one session. 3

For more information, contact Sonendo® at 844.766.3636 or visit

1 Molina B et al. (2015) J Endod. 41:1701-5
2 Vandrangi P et al. (2015) Oral Health 72-86
3 Sigurdsson A et al. (2016) J Endod. 42:1040-48

Natural Networks

Natural Networks provides the VoIP solution that integrates with your TDO software. (Knowledge Base Article)

We give you the ability to open a patient record automatically when a call comes in as well as the ability to speed dial patients from within TDO.

Our personalized approach to voice solutions allows us to establish a close relationship with our clients which helps them achieve the growth and success they’re striving for. For more than two decades, we have partnered with clients that understand the need for efficient technology and how the right solutions can help them to gain a competitive edge over other businesses in the marketplace.
What makes us different? Well, when you partner with our experienced team of technology experts, you’ll soon discover how our CloudPBX effectively handles all of your voice needs and seamlessly works with your practice. Whether you need us to design and build your network,
install new hardware, or enhance and customize your business phones, we have you covered.
We want to make your business successful – and we’ll work hard to help get you there.
Call 619-222-3232 or visit Natural Networks

Dental Exchange

DentalXChange is a subsidiary of EDI Health Group, the leader in dental Electronic Data Interchange solutions for the past two decades. Committed to serving the needs of dentists, patients and insurance companies, DentalXChange was built upon a foundation of customer loyalty, technological innovation and award winning customer service. Our goal is to help you simplify business processes, increase productivity and enhance the management side of your dental practice by providing streamlined connectivity that bridges the gaps between payers, patients and providers. Simply put, we help you run the business side of your dental practice better allowing you to focus on quality customer service and patient care.



Merchant services go far beyond plain payment processing. Sure, credit and debit cards are a given, but so are gift and stored value cards, and NFC-driven mobile wallet payments, too. Vantiv offers all ingredients found in the best merchant processing services, including fraud prevention and data security tools, reporting tools (especially those with advanced data analysis capability), gift-stored value-loyalty program development and support, as well as a full range of marketing programs to help you reach more customers.


Phone: 888-852-6055

Website: Rectangle Health

Rectangle Health

Rectangle Health provides customized, comprehensive patient payment solutions to fit the unique needs of your endodontic practice. Because we are exclusively focused on the healthcare industry we offer customized programs and processes that differentiate us from other payment processors.

Our integrated system makes the entire process as efficient as possible, giving patients options to pay via text or online, with the ability to use credit cards and Apple, Android, or Samsung Pay at point of service. Patients can also set up a payment plan for large balances. Our system delivers electronic signature capture to contract for outstanding balances with our proprietary Pre-Authorized Healthcare Form ©.

Rectangle Health renders high administrative costs obsolete. When a practice uses Rectangle Health, redundant processes are abolished, implementation and integration fees are eliminated, payment tools are updated, and reconciliation and patient compliance confirmations are improved.

With Rectangle Health, TDO clients can:

  • Benefit from reduced administrative fees.
  • Implement within two-three business days with no implementation fee.
  • Enjoy the convenience of a payment workflow that is integrated with the TDO practice management system.
  • Enjoy a frictionless patient payment experience with a variety of payment choices like: recurring payments, mobile device via SMS, online payments through your practice website or Apple, Samsung or Android payments at point-of-service.
  • Gain quicker access to cash with next day settlement for credit card payments and three days for check settlement.

Rectangle Health, a division of Retriever Medical/Dental, has been focused exclusively on the unique challenges and opportunities in healthcare for more than 25 years and currently processes nearly $5 billion in payments for more than 50,000 healthcare providers and organizations.

Our experienced management team and award winning customer service staff are poised and ready to serve your healthcare practice. Contact us today by clicking on the link below.

Rectangle Health

TDO Software prides itself on providing our offices with the features they want and need.

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